Arrest Warrant Issued For Troubled Singer Bobby Brown

Singer expected to post bail on the warrant after a stay in rehab.

Less than three weeks after Bobby Brown got out of jail for drunken driving, a Florida

judge issued a warrant for the arrest of the bad-boy R&B singer based on allegations that

Brown showed up at jail intoxicated.

However, the judge postponed carrying out the warrant until Brown completes a

month-long stay in a Minneapolis rehab clinic.

Broward County Judge Leonard Feiner issued the warrant based on the parole

violations reported by corrections officers, according to a court representative. Brown

completed a five-day jail term for drunken driving less than three weeks ago.

Brown's local attorney, Fred Haddad, confirmed Wednesday (Oct. 21) that the magistrate

handed down the warrant for several alleged violations by the singer, who is almost as

well-known for his legal run-ins as he is for songs such as


Prerogative" (RealAudio excerpt).

"He traveled to California [without court permission], he showed up at jail drunk and

allegedly smoked marijuana," Haddad said.

The 31-year-old former New Edition singer -- and husband of pop diva Whitney Houston

-- was scheduled to report to the Hazelden clinic in Minneapolis on Tuesday.

Haddad could not confirm that Brown had checked in. Feiner approved an order granting

Brown permission to travel to the facility.

After he completes a 30-day stay, Brown is slated to return to Florida to post $2,500 bail

on the warrant. Haddad said he did not expect that the singer would have to return to jail.

The singer, who has a home in Florida and also resides in New Jersey, was convicted in

January of two misdemeanor counts of drunken driving and causing property damage

under the influence, stemming from an August 1996 episode in which he drove

Houston's Porsche into a signpost in Florida.

In recent years, Brown has had several run-ins with police and court officials.

In June, he was accused of sexual battery in a Beverly Hills hotel, but charges were

dropped due to lack of evidence. In 1995, he was arrested for beating a person at Walt

Disney World in Florida. Those charges were dropped, too, when his accuser agreed to

a settlement.