Marilyn Manson Offer Fans Special Treat For Halloween

Shock rocker and band hold question-and-answer session for nearly 200 fans at L.A.'s Viper Room.

LOS ANGELES -- Given a chance to ask Marilyn Manson and his band anything they'd ever dreamed of, a group of close to 200 lucky fans of the shock-rocker mostly opted either to proposition or praise the artists.

In town for a surprise question-and-answer session at actor Johnny Depp's Viper Room nightclub Friday, the goth-gone-glam rocker and his four bandmates fielded even the most unexpected commentary. The session is set to be aired on KROQ-FM as part of a special Halloween package Oct. 30.

It got "kind-of foul," attendee Christina Radish, 21, said Tuesday (Oct. 20).

A particularly outspoken female fan told M.W. Gacy (born Stephen Beir Jr.), the band's weary-eyed keyboardist, that she wanted to perform oral sex on him, Radish said. "He just looked really out of it, but that woke him up, like, 'OK, where is she?' " she recalled.

Singer/songwriter Manson (born Brian Warner) came dressed in tight red pants, black platform boots and a red-sequined shirt under a big, white coat with a fur collar. Red and orange makeup around his eyes brought out his red contacts. New guitarist John5 (born John Lowery), who replaced Zim Zum (whose name was unavailable), sported freshly dyed blue hair and silver-sequined pants.

The event, which began at midnight, was organized by KROQ-FM and taped for broadcast on the morning talk-program "Kevin and Bean Show."

"Overall, it was handled well. I don't think anybody got hurt except for a few bruises," Radish said, admitting she incurred a few bumps herself from getting "smushed" against the stage. "It was a lot of fun. I know a lot of people were disappointed that they didn't play, but it was cool."

A KROQ-FM representative moved through the crowd with a mic so fans could ask questions. DJs Kevin Ryder and Bean Baxter moderated the questioning. Though the band did not perform, songs from Manson's new album, Mechanical Animals, played over the Viper Room's sound system.

Another fan asked Manson to autograph her copy of his best-selling autobiography, "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell." After she told the singer that she masturbates to the book every night, the 29-year-old Manson responded that he would only sign it if the pages were stuck together. The fan got her autograph, Radish said.

"I don't know how they're going to air it without cutting it a lot," she mused.

Taking the lead role as usual, Manson hogged the mic for much of the one-hour chat. He announced that the band would play in Los Angeles sometime before the new year, but he said he couldn't remember where or when. At this point, Marilyn Manson are not scheduled to play Los Angeles on their upcoming tour.

"The rest of the band didn't speak very much," Radish said. "Everybody kept yelling for [bassist Twiggy Ramirez] to talk, and he kept getting upset. He was like, 'I have nothing to say. What do you want?' It was funny."

Radish said she found out about the event through the singer's

posting on his official website, while other fans said they heard

announcements on KROQ-FM. Fans outside the club were given numbered

wrist-bands throughout the day Friday, but actually getting into the

venue was still based on luck -- numbers were selected randomly.

Though nearly 200 fans were allowed in, "Kevin and Bean Show" producer Jay Tilles said, several hundred more were left disappointed on the sidewalk. "It was total mayhem, from what I understand," he added. "Not your typical morning show." Tilles said the program would be aired Oct. 30 as part of a special Halloween package.

"It was cool, but I didn't get to ask a question," Adam Barron, 23, said. "And the crowd was really dumb."

"Most people just wanted to tell him how great the album is," Radish said, referring to Mechanical Animals, which is currently at the #20 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart. "Because it is an awesome album."

Afterwards, the band headed down the street to the Whiskey Bar.