"I couldn't put a price on what I learned, between touring and a lot of it musically. [Wyclef

Jean] is very talented. I learned a lot about how you can meld music and how you can

kind-of combine music. I mean, the way people will look at classical music or rock, they

think they can stand alone. 'Clef plays instruments and the Fugees play instruments.

They play pianos. They play the basses. They play drums. They play instruments and

that kind of music is hip-hop also and 'Clef blends it into shows. I learned how it appeals

to people. People hear a melody and they hear it's coming from a guitar and they go

'Wow!' and then you flip it on 'em and they go 'Wow!' and then you put a beat

behind it. It's real dope." -- Canibus, rapper, on what he learned while touring with

producer and fellow rapper Wyclef Jean.