ODB Charged With Making Terrorist Threats Against Club Staff

Police say Wu-Tang Clan rapper was kicked out of House of Blues after causing a commotion inside.

LOS ANGELES -- Wanted on multiple warrants in Virginia for failing to

answer charges of shoplifting, notorious Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty

Bastard was arrested again Wednesday night, this time for making terrorist

threats against security at a West Hollywood club, according to police.

Arrested under his real name, Russell Tyrone Jones, ODB (a.k.a. Big Baby

Jesus) spent the night in jail and was released on $50,000 bail at 2:30

p.m. Thursday (Sept. 17) after police said he threatened to kill security

at the House of Blues when he was kicked out of the club.

Sitting on a bench in the lobby area of the sheriff's department at about

2:45 p.m., ODB appeared calm but a bit frazzled as he waited with a

representative of his management's office for his release paperwork to be completed.

Asked about his arrest, the normally outspoken rapper thought for several

seconds and looked over at the representative before calmly replying, "I

really don't have a comment right now."

Clad in a white shirt and baggy blue jeans, with his hair tied back in

braids, ODB sat hunched over and pressed his long fingernails together as he

talked briefly about what fans can expect from him musically. "My albums

and more albums," OBD said.

ODB had been attending a Des'ree concert at the House of Blues with a

female companion Wednesday night when police say the Wu-Tang Clan member and solo artist began causing a commotion inside the club. He was taken out by security and told he would not be allowed back into the venue,

according to Lt. Dave Long of the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department.

At that point, ODB began threatening the staff at the club, saying he would

return with "his homies" to kill them, Long said.

"He was causing a disturbance inside the nightclub, and some of the patrons

were complaining about his behavior," Long said. "Security asked him to

step outside, and once he did so, they informed him that he would not be

returning to the nightclub. He became extremely upset and started uttering

threats at the establishment and the security guards, and they called the police."

Long said ODB threatened to "basically come back with his homies of his

clan to kill them," adding that the rapper was addressing the security

guards and that the language he used may have been somewhat different.

Joshua Mills, a spokesperson for the House of Blues, had only one comment

on the matter. "A minor incident occurred here [Wednesday] night," he said, adding that the alleged incident has been "blown out of proportion."

ODB's New York attorney, Peter Frankel, said Thursday afternoon (Sept. 17)

that he had few details on the alleged incident and offered only a succinct comment. "We'll be dealing with it," he said.

The rapper's arraignment date is set for Oct. 8.

Long said there was no indication on the police report that ODB -- who

attended Shaquille O'Neal's CD-release party in Hollywood the night before

the alleged incident -- was drunk at the time of his arrest. He added that

his office is checking into whether an arrest warrant for a "Russell Jones" on

a traffic violation is the same person as ODB.

Sandi Gibbons, spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's

Office, said the maximum punishment for making a terrorist threat is three years in jail.

For ODB, the House of Blues arrest is only the latest in a months-long

string of legal escapades.

In Virginia, the rapper is still considered a fugitive by local

authorities. Last month, a judge in Virginia Beach, Va., issued three

warrants for ODB's arrest on contempt-of-court charges, after the rapper

failed to appear on three occasions for hearings on charges of shoplifting

a pair of $50 Nike sneakers in July.

Each of the contempt charges, plus the original shoplifting charge, carries

a maximum fine of $2,500 and/or a year in prison. Frankel had no comment on

the shoplifting matter on Thursday.

Long was not aware of ODB's fugitive status in Virginia but said it had no bearing in this case. "I would think for something as small as that, they're not going to extradite him ... they'll just slap it on him if he

shows back in Virginia," Long said.

Only days before the alleged shoplifting incident, ODB himself was the

victim of what police say was a robbery and shooting in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Police have yet to make an arrest in that case.

In addition, the rapper also has been the alleged victim of a car theft and

has appeared in court on several occasions to address since-resolved charges of nonpayment of child support.

ODB recently completed a solo tour, the first by a member of the highly

acclaimed Wu-Tang Clan rap crew.