Sugar Ray Push Next LP Back For More Recording

Follow-up to successful sophomore effort, Floored, now expected in January.

Dancehall hard-rockers Sugar Ray have delayed the release of their much-anticipated follow-up to last year's highly successful Floored to allow time for laying down more tracks in the studio, according to producer David Kahne.

Kahne, who also worked on Floored and its reggae-flavored smash single "Fly" (RealAudio excerpt), said the Southern California group has 10 songs nearly complete and intends to record one or two more before they go ahead with the release.

While the still-nameless disc was originally slated to hit stores in November, the additional recording has pushed the album's release back until January, he added.

Nonetheless, Kahne said he's been energized by the tweaking and refining process.

"It's one of those records that keeps getting better and better," said the acclaimed producer, who has also worked with such genre-blending bands as Soul Coughing and Sublime. "As long as it keeps getting better, I like to keep working on it. We have the bulk of the record done, but there are a couple of songs that we decided we could get a little bit better."

While the band -- singer Mark McGrath, guitarist Rodney Sheppard, DJ Craig "Homicide" Bullock, bassist Murphy Karges and drummer Stan Frazier -- has logged scores of hours to complete the disc, Kahne said the process hasn't been stressful.

"It's been hard, like any record, but we're not taking any breaks on it," he said.

Earlier this year, guitarist Sheppard described the album, the third since the group debuted with Lemonade And Brownies (1995), as a collection of catchy pop and heavy-guitar tracks.

"We're working with Homicide a lot more this time," he said, "and in the early stages, I think we've got some really well-written, likable songs. One has this sort of '50s chord progression with very '90s production."

Among the guests confirmed to appear on the album are old-school rapper KRS-One, according to Angelica Cob, the band's spokeswoman at its label, Atlantic Records.

She declined at this point to reveal any song titles on the album, adding that the label will not choose a single until all the songs are in.