Marilyn Manson Fans Queue Up For Mechanical Animals

The release of the shock-rockers' new album drew anxious customers to stores across the U.S.

LOS ANGELES -- Many were dressed in head-to-toe black, one brought

out his pet lizard for the occasion, two wore ties and one came in pajamas

and snoozed at the back of the line.

More than 100 Marilyn Manson fans lined up alongside Tower Records on the

Sunset Strip on Monday night, waiting for the store to close and

then reopen at the strike of midnight so they could be the first on the West

Coast to have the ghoul-gone-glam-rockers' new album, Mechanical

Animals, which was released Tuesday (Sept. 15).

"We've got the CD-player in the car," said 18-year-old Farah Fima, who was

sitting propped up against the store wall. Fima, who wore a black dress and

ripped fishnet stockings, had just arrived with her friend, Sandra Jovel, from

a show by the electro-punk duo 12 Rounds at the nearby Troubadour.

"I have a test tomorrow and I'm probably gonna fail 'cause I'm out so

late," said the equally gothified 17-year-old Sandra. "But this is nothing

compared to when [Manson] was here to do his book signing -- it was out of

control; people were lined up all the way down Sunset."

Despite the line, Monday night at Tower wasn't quite the mob scene that one

might have expected, considering that Mechanical Animals has been one

of the most anticipated albums of the year, with songs such as


Friendly" (RealAudio excerpt) and "I Don't Like Drugs (But The Drugs Like

Me)" (RealAudio excerpt). And this was, after all, Hollywood, Tower

supervisor Mario Cruz said.

"Usually, with something like this, we expect more," shift supervisor

Cruz said as he signed his employees' time cards after all the fans had bought

the album and were ushered out of the store. "This album has been so built

up, with a lot of hoopla beforehand, I thought there would be more than a

hundred or 150 people here."

"There were rumors that Manson was going to be here," Cruz continued. "A

lot of people called -- maybe it got around that he wasn't expected to show

up, and people decided they could wait until tomorrow."

Mark Anthony, a Tower Records pop buyer in Chicago, said that suburban

stores typically see more of a rush [than city stores] on the day of the

release for genres such as Manson, "because of all the kids." "I don't

really expect much," Anthony said Monday afternoon. "I don't see having

much more than 20 or 30 people."

But at Virgin Megastore Times Square in New York City, where Marilyn Manson

was scheduled to appear for a signing and CD-listening party

Tuesday night (Sept. 15), excitement was at a higher pitch.

Store manager Rich Zubrod said Tuesday morning (Sept. 15) that the album

was "selling

so fast we can't keep it on the shelves."

Zubrod said he expects several

thousand fans to come for the in-store, adding that a line for the

appearance began forming before closing time Monday night. "It's going to

be quite the event," said Zubrod, who added that the store will have "major

security" for crowd control.

Fans outside the Tower store on Sunset had plenty to say about their

expectations for Mechanical Animals. "I hope it doesn't suck," said

Finn, 27, who drove up from Orange County with his aforementioned pet

lizard. "Listening to [Manson's last album] Antichrist Superstar, I

thought he was heading for a certain level, and I hope he reaches it with

this one."

Finn said he was only planning to listen to the album once on the car ride

home and then go to bed.

After being ushered in and out of the store to buy the release, many fans

stood in the parking lot with their friends while they took off the CD's

protective cover and checked out the art.

"I've heard it already," said 25-year-old JT Harding. As he looked through

the CD jacket, he pointed to a picture of new guitarist John5 and said that

he's an old friend of the musician.

"It's a catchier and poppier album -- easier to listen to," Harding

continued. "I think [Manson's] brilliant, the way he changes the way he

looks and sounds and gives you something new. All the biggest stars do


Others saw confusion in some fans' reactions to Manson's image and sonic

switch. "People are so used to the gothic/industrial thing, that the glam

thing is throwing people off," Fima said.

Still, fan Oscar Aguirre had nothing but solid enthusiasm over the change.

"It's awesome! It's glamorous," he said.

With his legs crunched up so he could rest his chin on his knees, the

20-year-old fan waited at the head of the line from 9:30 p.m. Monday until

midnight to get inside and purchase the album and get a free poster. "I wanted to make sure I'd

get a poster," he said.