Dust Brothers Sign Disney Label Deal

Hot L.A. producers the Dust Brothers (Beastie Boys, Hanson) have signed a deal with Disney-owned Mammoth Records to create a joint-venture label called Ideal Records. Among the acts already signed to Ideal are keyboard-pop band Sukia, the Dust Brothers (John King and Mike Simpson) themselves and sample-flavored pop-rockers Creeper Lagoon. Mammoth was originally expected to take half-ownership of the Brothers' Silverlake, Calif.-based Nickelbag imprint, but that imprint will remain autonomous. Nickelbag is due to release the soundtrack to the controversial porn-comedy film "Orgazmo," which is not considered to be family-friendly Disney fare. The first Ideal release will be Peach Head, by sample-pop band Natural Calamity (Oct. 6).