John Lennon Four-Disc Set To Offer 100 Unreleased Tracks

Collection of late Beatle's solo songs to include rare recordings made at home.

A four-CD box set containing more than 100 previously unreleased solo tracks from late Beatles leader John Lennon, including live songs, television appearances, home recordings and outtakes will be released on Nov. 3.

The collection, entitled The John Lennon Anthology, will be broken down into four parts -- Ascot, New York City, The Lost Weekend and Dakota -- according to a Capitol Records press release issued Thursday.

Executive-produced by Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, the set will include live tracks, home recordings, studio outtakes and recordings of television appearances by Lennon, who was murdered by a fan in 1980. Lennon, who formed the Beatles in the late 1950s and went on to unparalleled fame with the Fab Four, is renowned as one of the greatest songwriters in rock history.

The music and artwork for each CD will relate to the geographical location and time period corresponding to each different phase of Lennon's solo career, spanning from just prior to the Beatles' official breakup in 1970 to shortly before his assassination in front of his Dakota apartment building in New York City in December of 1980, according to the press release.

A single-disc sampler of the box set, entitled Wonsaponatime and featuring a selection of tracks from the four CDs, will be issued on the same date as the whole project.

The Anthology will be packaged in a fashion similar to Ono's 1992 solo collection Onobox, which came in a lift-top cube and featured extensive photos and a detailed booklet.

The 60-page Anthology booklet will offer samples of Lennon's artwork, exclusive photographs and selections of the singer's writings, in addition to detailed notes and commentary.

The release follows on the tail of the wildly successful three-volume Beatles Anthology series, which was released from 1995 to 1996 and included previously unreleased outtakes and live recordings of the Fab Four's music.