Depeche Mode Single Contains Extra Tracks

The upcoming single from electronic-pop band Depeche Mode, "Only When I

Lose Myself," from their new collection The Singles '86-'98 (Oct. 6), will feature a

number of bonus tracks and remixes. The single will be released in two stages: the first,

due Sept. 15, will feature the non-LP bonus tracks "Surrender" and the instrumental

"Headstar," as well as two non-LP bonus remixes of "Only When I Lose Myself," by

hip-hopper The Automator and Subsonic Legacy, and two remixes of

"Headstar" by Luke Slater. The second part of the single will be released on Oct.

13 and feature two remixes of the single by Gus Gus, a remix of the old B-side

"Painkiller" (a "Kill the Pain" remix) by DJ Shadow and another remix of

"Surrender." The corresponding vinyl singles will feature different configurations of the