Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Jesus And Mary Chain ...

Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Now that the swing revival is at a peak, the

time is right to see these longtime Zoot Suit Rioters with an

energetic crowd.

Cherry Poppin' Daddies Tour Dates

Oct. 6; San Francisco, Calif., Fillmore

Oct. 7; San Francisco, Calif., Fillmore

Oct. 8; Hollywood, Calif., Palladium

Oct. 9; San Diego, Calif., Cox Arena

Oct. 10; Las Vegas, Nev., Joint

Oct. 11; Tempe, Ariz., Hayden Square Amphitheatre

Oct. 16; Salt Lake City, Utah, Wasatch Event Center

Oct. 17; Denver, Colo., Mammoth Events Center

Oct. 19; Wichita, Kan., Cotillion

Oct. 20; St. Louis, Mo., American Theatre

Oct. 22; Minneapolis, Minn., Quest Club

Oct. 23; Milwaukee, Wis., Rave

Oct. 24; Chicago, Ill., Riviera Theatre

Oct. 26; Indianapolis, Ind., Murat Centre

Oct. 27; Cincinnati, Ohio, Bogart's

Oct. 28; Columbus, Ohio, Newport Music Hall

Oct. 29; Detroit, Mich., State Theatre

Nov. 1; Buffalo, N.Y., Buffalo State College

Nov. 5; New York, N.Y., Roseland

Mov. 15; Norfolk, Va., Boathouse

Nov. 17; Raleigh, N.C., Ritz

Jesus and Mary Chain: Not talking to the audience, songs drenched in

feedback, a ton of shoegazing-- sounds like another great show from

these British noise-pop masters, touring in support of Munki.

Jesus and Mary Chain Tour Dates:

Sept. 10; Ventura, Calif., Ventura Theatre

Sept. 11; San Diego, Calif., San Diego Street Scene

Sept. 12; West Hollywood, Calif., House of Blues

Sept. 13; San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Coach House

Sept. 15; Denver, Colo., Ogden Theatre

Sept. 17; Austin, Texas, Stubb's Barbeque

Sept. 18; New Orleans, La., House of Blues

Sept. 19; Houston, Texas, Abyss

Sept. 20; Fort Worth, Texas, Caravan of Dreams

Sept. 22; Atlanta, Ga., Masquerade

Sept. 24; Fort Wayne, Ind., Piere's

Sept. 25; Pontiac, Mich., Clutch Cargo

Sept. 26; Columbus, Ohio, Newport Music Hall

Sept. 27; Chicago, Ill., House of Blues

Sept. 28; Minneapolis, Minn., First Avenue

Sept. 30; Cleveland, Ohio, Agora Theatre

Oct. 2; New York, N.Y., Life

Oct. 3; Philadelphia, Pa., Trocadero

Oct. 4; Providence, R.I., Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

Lenny Kravitz: There aren't many artists left keeping a funky rock and soul vibe alive, but then again, they'd have to compete with Kravitz, so it's understandable.

Lenny Kravitz Tour Dates:

Sept. 12; Vancouver, B.C., Plaza Of Nations

Sept. 13; Seattle, Wash., Paramount Theatre

Sept. 15; Berkeley, Calif., Berkeley Community Theatre

Sept. 16; Los Angeles, Calif., Greek Theatre

Sept. 18; La Jolla, Calif., RIMAC Arena

Sept. 19; Phoenix, Ariz., Peoria Sports Complex

Sept. 26; New Orleans, La., Marconi Meadows

Reverend Horton Heat: In this era of swing and rockabilly revivals, you really should check out a sermon by the good Reverend to see what all the fuss is about.

Reverend Horton Heat Tour Dates:

Aug. 28; Dallas, Texas, Curtain Club

Aug. 29; Dallas, Texas, Curtain Club

Sept. 2; Denton, Texas, Rick's Place

Sept. 3; Carbondale, Ill., Copper Dragon

Sept. 4; Lincoln, Neb., Royal Grove

Sept. 5; Des Moines, Iowa, Safari

Sept. 6; Kansas City, Mo., Liberty Memorial

Sept. 17; Lubbock, Texas, Depot's 19th Street Warehouse

Sept. 18; Albuquerque, N.M., Zone

Sept. 19; Tucson, Ariz., Club Congress

Sept. 20; San Diego, Calif., 4th & B

Sept. 21; Santa Ana, Calif., Galaxy Theatre

Sept. 23; Ventura, Calif., Ventura Theatre

Sept. 24; Palo Alto, Calif., Edge

Sept. 25; San Francisco, Calif., Fillmore

Sept. 26; Santa Cruz, Calif., Catalyst

Sept. 29; West Hollywood, Calif., House Of Blues

Sept. 30; West Hollywood, Calif., House Of Blues

Oct. 1; Las Vegas, Nev., Huntridge Theatre

Oct. 2; Salt Lake City, Utah, Tower Theatre

Oct. 16; Austin, Texas, Liberty Lunch

Oct. 17; Shiner, Texas, Shiner Bocktoberfest

Nov. 6; Baton Rouge, La., Varsity Theatre

Nov. 7; New Orleans, La., House Of Blues

Nov. 8; Pensacola, Fla., Sluggo's

Nov. 9; Tallahassee, Fla., Cow Haus

Nov. 11; Birmingham, Ala., Five Points Music Hall

Nov. 12; Atlanta, Ga., Masquerade

Nov. 13; Athens, Ga., Georgia Theatre

Nov. 14; Lake Buena Vista, Fla., House Of Blues

Nov. 15; St. Petersburg, Fla., State Theatre

Nov. 17; Charlotte, N.C., Tremont Music Hall

Nov. 18; Carrboro, N.C., Cat's Cradle

Nov. 20; Washington, D.C., 9:30 Club

Nov. 21; Philadelphia, Pa., Trocadero

Nov. 23; Indianapolis, Ind., Vogue

Nov. 24; Memphis, Tenn., 616 Club

Nov. 27; Fayetteville, Ark., JR's Dickson Street Ballroom

Nov. 29; Chicago, Ill., Metro

Nov. 30; Minneapolis, Minn., First Avenue

Dec. 3; Cleveland, Ohio, Agora Theatre

Dec. 4; Columbus, Ohio, Newport Music Hall

Dec. 31; Houston, Texas, To Be Announced