Chemical Brothers To Play First U.S. DJ Tour

British electronica duo will spin through the States in support of its upcoming CD, Brothers Gonna Work It Out.

English electronica duo the Chemical Brothers will bring their record collections to U.S.

shores in mid-September for a brief tour in support of their DJ-mix CD, Brothers

Gonna Work It Out (Sept. 22).

The five-date tour, which will hit Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles before

culminating with two dates at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, will find the pair (Tom

Rowlands and Ed Simons) re-creating the seamless dance-club mix of the 23-song CD,

the first release on their Freestyle Dust imprint.

The tour will be the Brothers' first DJ outing in the States -- a run that will put them in

relatively small venues and feature stripped-down stage shows.

"Their [usual] live performances are all about the visuals and sound system, but these

gigs will just be about them DJing," said Dan Cohen, a publicist for the Chemical

Brothers' U.S. label, Astralwerks.

Cohen said the Brothers most likely will choose local DJs to spin with them during their


Kelly Edwards, marketing director for San Francisco party promotions firm Spundae,

which will host the Brothers when they are in town, sees good reason for a more intimate

tour at this time. "These guys have reached over to the crossover market, but up until

now people in the U.S. have only seen them in a concert setting in a big arena,"

Edwards said. "And they've done that commercial crossover without losing their

underground because it's good music."

The DJ duo likely will not take the stage until well after midnight for the Sept. 13 San

Francisco show, Edwards said, since the show coincides with a Bay Area appearance by

superstar rap-punk trio the Beastie Boys.

The Brothers got their start in the early '90s by playing the kind of DJ sets heard on the

new album, the force of which helped them land a record deal and led to the release of

their genre-defining 1995 big-beat debut, Exit Planet Dust. Their 1997

breakthrough album, Dig Your Own Hole, which featured the radio hit


">"Block Rockin' Beats" (RealAudio excerpt), has sold more than 570,000

copies in the U.S. to date, according to SoundScan.

Although the two have not done a DJ tour in the U.S. before, they have continued to play

DJ dates in their native England, most recently at last month's Glastonbury festival.

Cohen said the Brothers will play an unannounced, invitation-only party in London this

Thursday to celebrate the release of Brothers Gonna Work It Out.

The album features a seamless mix of house, techno, big-beat and acid-house dance

music by outside artists and by the Chemical Brothers with and without collaborators.

Also included are the Brothers' remixes of songs by bands such as Spiritualized.

The full track-listing for Brothers Gonna Work It Out is: "Brothers Gonna Work It

Out" (Willie Hutch), "Not Another Drugstore (Planet Nine Mix)" (Chemical Brothers with

Justin Warfield), "Block Rockin' Beats (The Micronauts Mix)" (Chemical Brothers), "This

Ain't Chicago" (Ride the Rhythm), "It's Just Begun" (Jimmy Castor Bunch), "Makin' a

Living" (Kenny Dope Presents The Powerhouse Three), "Hot Wheels (The Chase)"

(Badder Than Evil), "The Theme (Unique Mix)" (Unique 3), "Give Me Some Love" (Love

Corporation), "The Jazz" (The Micronauts), "Sidewinder (313 vs. 216 Stomp Mix)" (The

Serotonin Project), "Doin' It After Dark" (Carlos Berrios), "Don't Stop the Rock"

(Freestyle), "To a Nation Rockin' " (Metro), "Morning Lemon" (Chemical Brothers), "Mars

Needs Women" (Meat Beat Manifesto), "Thunder" (Renegade Soundwave), "Losing

Control" (dbx), "Mother Earth" (Dubtribe), "The Riot" (Barry de Vorzon and Perry Botkin

Jr.), "Trip Harder" (The Ultraviolet Catastrophe), "Everything Must Go (Chemical Brothers

Remix)" (Manic Street Preachers) and "I Think I'm in Love (Chemical Brothers Remix)"


Chemical Brothers DJ Tour Dates:

Sept. 12; Seattle, Wash., The Showbox

Sept. 13; San Francisco, Calif., 1015 Folsom

Sept. 15; Los Angeles, Calif., Hollywood Athletic Club

Sept. 18-19; New York, N.Y., Bowery Ballroom