Big Punisher Security Guard Charged In Gunfire Incident

Judge rules that rapper's bodyguard should stand trial for discharging pistol in club during concert.

A Michigan judge ruled Thursday (Aug. 13) that a security guard for rapper Big Punisher

will be charged with discharging a weapon in a building -- a felony punishable by up to

four years in prison.

Upon the ruling, Judge Leo Boman adjourned the preliminary trial of Felix Cabrera, who

is alleged to have fired a 9 mm pistol into the air several times to calm a crowd during Big

Punisher's July 9 concert at a Pontiac, Mich., nightclub. The security guard also is

alleged to have pointed the gun at club security before he and some of the rapper's crew

tried to flee out a back door, according to Pontiac police spokesman Sgt. Conway


"Judge Boman believed there was enough evidence to put the case to trial," said Natalie

Mitchell, a clerk in the 50th District Court, "so the defendant will now face the felony


Cabrera was arrested in an alley behind the club near a dumpster, in which police found

a 9 mm pistol and a .45-caliber gun. Three concert-goers were shot in the leg later that

evening, in an unrelated incident.

The suspect could have faced a charge of intentionally aiming a firearm without malice --

a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail -- or Judge Boman could have

dropped the charges altogether, according to Mitchell.

Meanwhile, the police investigation into the incident continues, though leads are few and

far between, according to Thompson. "We do not have test results yet on the recovered

weapons," he said Thursday afternoon, "and we have no suspects in the shooting after

the concert." But Thompson added that police believe that the shooting victims knew the


In the early stages of Cabrera's preliminary trial, a deputy sheriff testified that he

attended the show in an off-duty capacity and witnessed part of the incident. "He

basically testified that he heard a gunshot, turned to where he heard the shot come from

and saw [Felix] Cabrera with the gun," assistant prosecuting attorney Robert Morad said.

Morad also said that the deputy testified to seeing the rapper's security guard pointing

the gun at a member of the club's security team.

Mitchell said that the case will now move forward to 6th District Court, though a court

date has not yet been set.