New Eels LP, Single Due

The new album from L.A. mope-pop trio the Eels, Electro-Shock Blues

(Sept. 22), will be preceded by its first single, "Last Stop: This Town," which features

scratching from Dust Brothers co-leader Mike Simpson.

The album also features musical cameos by

Grant Lee Buffalo leader Grant Lee Phillips and singer/songwriter

Lisa Germano.

The 16-track album will include the songs "Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor," "Going to

Your Funeral Part I," "Cancer for the Cure," "My Descent Into Madness," "3 Speed,"

"Hospital Food," "Electro-Shock Blues," "Efil's God," "Going to Your Funeral Part II," "Last

Stop: This Town," "Baby Genius," "Climbing to the Moon," "Ant Farm," "Dead of Winter,"

"The Medication Is Wearing Off" and "P.S. You Rock My World."