Aquabats, Untouchables...

Aquabats: Ever wonder what Devo would sound like as a ska band? The always-entertaining Aquabats have the answer.

Aquabats Tour Dates:

Aug. 9; Austin, Texas, South Park Meadows

Aug. 14; Tucson, Ariz., Rialto

Aug. 15; Mesa, Ariz., Nile Theatre

Aug. 29; San Bernardino, Calif., National Orange Show

Sept. 8; Santa Cruz, Calif., Palookaville

Sept. 9; San Francisco, Calif., Slim's

Sept. 10; Eugene, Ore., W.O.W. Hall

Sept. 12; Seattle, Wash., RKCNDY

Sept. 15; Rexburg, Idaho, Retrix

Sept. 24; New York, N.Y., Coney Island High

Oct. 2; Denver, Colo., Lodo Music Hall

The Untouchables: This influential, sharp-dressed '80s ska band will be playing a handful of Southern California shows to promote the re-release of their out-of-print 1985 debut album, Wild Child.

The Untouchables Tour Dates:

Aug. 13; Riverside, Calif., Crossroads

Aug. 14; Del Mar, Calif., Del Mar Race Track

Aug. 16; Redondo Beach, Calif., Chiller's

Aug. 21; Pasadena, Calif., McMurphy's

Aug. 22; Costa Mesa, Calif., Tiki Bar

Aug. 29; Santa Ana, Calif., Galaxy Theatre

Shonen Knife: These purveyours of sweet-natured Japanese punk-pop

will play some dates in support of Happy Hour before joining up with

the all-female Suffragette Sessions tour.

Shonen Knife Tour Dates:

Aug. 13; Los Angeles, Calif., Troubadour

Aug. 14; San Francisco, Calif., Maritime Hall

Aug. 17; Portland, Ore., Satyricon

Aug. 18; Seattle, Wash., ARO Space

Aug. 22; Chicago, Ill., Double Door

Aug. 23; Detroit, Mich., St. Andrews Hall

Aug. 24; Toronto, Ont., Horse Shoe

Aug. 25; New York, N.Y., Bowery Ballroom

Aug. 26; Cleveland, Ohio, The Odeon

Shonen Knife Tour Dates With The Suffragette Sessions Tour:

Aug. 27; Milwaukee, Wis., Eagles Auditorium

Aug. 28; Minneapolis, Minn., First Avenue

Aug. 30; Cincinnati, Ohio, Bogart's

Sept. 1; Norwalk, Conn., Boathouse

Sept. 2; Philadelphia, Pa., Electric Factory

Sept. 3; New York, N.Y. Roseland

Kid Rock: He may be a Devil Without A Cause, but his current

passion is touring to drum up support for his latest collection of

rock-rap songs.

Kid Rock Tour Dates:

Aug. 13; St. Louis, Mo., Hi-Pointe

Aug. 14; Louisville, Ky., Toy Tiger

Aug. 15; Cincinnati, Ohio, Top Cat

Sept. 20; Worcester, Mass., Green Hill Park

Sept. 25; Detroit, Mich., State Theatre

Sept. 27; Toledo, Ohio, Toledo Sports Arena