'Sonic' Smith's Posthumous LP

Sweet Nothing, an album of previously unreleased live material by the late

punk-rock godfather Fred "Sonic" Smith and his post-MC5 band

Sonic's Rendezvous, has just been released by the Mack Aborn Rhythmic Arts

Label of Detroit, Mich.

Sonic's Rendezvous disbanded in 1980, when guitarist Smith married rocker/poet

Patti Smith, and the two retired from music to raise a family. Sweet

Nothing features a full show by the band, recorded on April 4, 1978, in Ann Arbor,

Mich. During the band's lifetime, it released only one record -- the single "City Slang."

Smith, who led the seminal punk band the MC5 during the late '60s and early '70s, died

in 1994.

The new album is available through Sonic's Rendezvous' website at

www.sonicsrendezvous.com. The site includes a rare live video of the band.