Cops Investigate ODB, Foxy Brown Armed Break-Ins

Police have no suspects in the similar-style crimes which occurred just three miles from each other in Brooklyn, N.Y.

While police look for leads in separate but similar-style armed burglaries in

Brooklyn, N.Y., involving rappers Foxy Brown and Ol' Dirty Bastard, Brown said

Friday morning (July 10) that she was relieved to have survived the recent

break-in of her mother's brownstone.

"I never dreamed when I entered the music business that I would become a

target of such a malicious attempt to harm myself and my family," Brown said in

a statement issued two days after the crime. "We feel extremely blessed to have

survived such an unfortunate ordeal."

On Wednesday morning, Foxy Brown (a.k.a. Inga Marchand) became the

second rapper in two weeks to be the victim of a "push-in"-style burglary when

two unidentified black men with a gun forced their way into her mother's home.

The men fled the scene when Brown's mother, whom they shoved into a

bathroom, escaped and called police.

On July 30, Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard (a.k.a. Russell Jones) was

shot in the back and left arm following a similar-style robbery by two unidentified

black men at his cousin's apartment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of

Brooklyn, located just three miles from the home of Foxy Brown's mother in Park


While the robbers in both crimes brandished a gun, no shots were fired and no

items were taken in the Foxy Brown break-in. On the other hand, ODB suffered

superficial gunshot wounds and was robbed of a gold bracelet and cash.

Police spokesperson Cadet Timothy Brown said on Friday morning (July 10)

that the investigation into the attempted robberies is ongoing and that

investigators currently had no suspects in either case.

When asked if police had ruled out a connection between the Foxy Brown

incident and the ODB case, Cadet Brown responded only by saying, "A case

has been opened and the investigation has yet to yield suspects or leads."

In her statement, Brown, who still lives in Brooklyn, pointed out that celebrities

are often criticized for leaving their old neighborhoods once they get famous,

and thanked her fans for their support. "I must now put this unfortunate event

behind me," she continued, "and move forward as I focus on the completion of

my sophomore album from which I am currently recording."

Foxy Brown's debut album, Ill Na Na, was released in 1996 on DefJam

and found the rapper sharing the mic with such major rap players as Jay-Z and

Method Man.

She and Dru Hill scored a hit last year with "Big Bad Mamma," from

DefJam's How To Be A Player. She also teamed up with fellow-rappers

Nas, AZ and Nature to form a group called the Firm and saw their The Firm --

The Album climb to the upper echelons of the Billboard 200 albums


DefJam spokesperson Gabrielle Peluso said Friday (July 10) that Foxy Brown's

next album did not have a title or track listing yet, but that it was due to be

released in the first quarter of next year.