Marcy Playground's Wozniak Holds Virtual Chatfest

Cyber-Q&A session covers Playground's new video and current tour.

John Wozniak of Marcy Playground wandered up to the SonicNet chat


last Friday at Live 105-FM's BFD rock festival and settled into a




Dressed in a blue cardigan sweater, with a tangle of silver chains


from his neck, the guitarist/singer was on hand to do his bit for the

masses he's recently succeeded in luring to his Playground.

That is, he was there to field cyberquestions from rabid Playground

adherents all over the country.

And there was ample reason to believe they'd be submitting their


missives in quite significant numbers.

Last year, indie-pop aficionados registered platinum-level approval

of the

New York-based trio's self-titled debut album and its single

HREF="">"Sex and

Candy" (RealAudio excerpt). This Friday (June 26), Wozniak


cohorts Dylan Keefe (bass) and Dan Reiser (drums) will be offering

fans a

chance to download an entire

video clip of their new track, "St. Joe on the Schoolbus." The clip will


available on their label's website


The video, directed by the British production team Hammer and

Tongs, finds

the 27-year-old Wozniak swapping guitar and mic for the tools of the

veterinary trade.

For fans such as 21-year-old Greg Boyd of New York, who got a

special sneak

peek of the "St. Joe on the Schoolbus" video on Marcy Playground's


bus, the threesome's latest effort shows a more contemplative side of



"I saw the video for 'St. Joe' about three weeks ago ... I am good

friends with John and he cranked it out one night," Boyd said. "I love


video and enjoy the way that the band looks more mature and fits

the song

well. 'Sex and Candy' didn't do it for me in the video format. It's not

what I expected, I guess."

As fans sent in queries that ranged from "What's that green stuff in


video?" to "Where did the song 'Opium' come from?" and several less

sophisticated stops in between, the unassuming Wozniak sat


chewing tobacco and spitting the excess juice into a clear glass bottle.

Wozniak said that between tour dates in support of the first LP, he's


writing new tunes wherever and whenever he gets a chance.

"Currently, I'm writing in the hotel rooms and on the bus and in the

dressing rooms, because I haven't been home ... in several months,"

Wozniak said of the time he's spent away from his wife of three

years and his

20-month-old son. "I just wrote a song recently that is a Led

Zeppelinesque kind of rock song. Musically and emotionally, it's



Wozniak expressed surprise at the heat generated by the lazy love


"Sex and Candy." "I'm really shocked that it's gotten as much

attention as

it has, since I wrote it in my bedroom at 4 a.m.," he said.

He added that trotting out the hit each night hasn't gotten


quite yet. "Lots and lots of frantic people are coming out to our


More than I ever imagined existed on Planet Earth."

As the last of the curious and ludicrous questions passed through the


room, Wozniak signed off, bidding adieu to the unseen thousands to


he'd been

virtually talking. "At some point, I hope to see the people I'm


chatting with. But until then ... I can fantasize about all the hot chicks

tip-tapping away on their keyboards. Thanks. Bye."