Guns N' Roses

Details about work on the next

Guns N' Roses album may be slow in

coming, but ATN did receive official

confirmation Thursday that both Moby and

ex-GN'R knob-turner Mike Clink are working

on the production. Former Nine Inch Nails

drummer Chris Vrenna's name has been bandied about as a possible collaborator with the band,

but his participation is, at this point, only speculation. "With Guns N' Roses you can't be sure

what's going to happen until after it already has," said a Geffen spokesperson. "They like it that


Meanwhile, the Gunners mourn the death of West Arkeen, the co-writer of such songs as "Bad

Obsession," "Yesterdays," "The Garden," and "It's So Easy." Arkeen died May 30 from an

accidental "opiate overdose." The 36-year-old had recently issued an album in Japan with his

own band, the Outpatience...

Boston band Letters to Cleo have just entered Longview Farms studio in Massachusetts to

record the long-awaited follow-up to their 1995 album Wholesale Meats and Fish with producer

Peter Collins (Jewel). The album is expected out around October. Drummer Tom Pulsey has

replaced Stacy Jones, now of Veruca Salt...

British electronica duo Leftfield(Paul Daley and Neil Barnes) are in a London studio working

on the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 1995 debut, Leftism. Expect an October release and

a track with Planet Rocker Afrika Bambaataa on vocals...

Prodigy tour guitarist Graham Butt (aka Gizz Butt) has re-formed his on-and-off punk band,

The English Dogs, and signed a worldwide deal with hardcore label Earache (Napalm Death,

Morbid Angel, Anal Cunt). Following some European festival dates with the Wu Tang Clan and

Foo Fighters (and just prior to Prodigy's Lollapalooza stint), the Dogs will enter an English

studio for two weeks in July to record their new album, expected in early 1998...

Forty-nine-year-old Erasure fan Danny Lehner suffered a fatal heart attack during the acoustic

portion of the synth pop band's show at New York's Radio City Music Hall last Thursday (May


Former Monkee Michael Nesmith (the talented one), has eschewed hitting the road with the

rest of the wrinkled chumps, ah, chimps in order to work on the still-untitled sequel to their

movie debut, 1969's acid-dipped Head (written by a then-unknown Jack Nicholson)...

Country hatman-turned-movie-star Dwight Yoakam releases Under the Covers on July 15, on

which he tackles interpretations of the Clash's "Train in Vain," The Kink's "Tired of Waiting for

You" and The Rolling Stones' "The Last Time," among others...

Radiohead have done their Capitol Records brethren in Spearhead one better by sending out a

promotional item that puts Michael Franti and Co.'s "Michael Franti & the Spearhead Factory"

chocolate bar promo to shame. In advance of their OK Computer (July 1) album, the band sent

out a limited-edition AIWA walkman with a cassette of the new 12-track album superglued inside

for maximum attention-span fixation.