Country-Rock From Supersuckers/ Steve Earle Union

Eddie Spaghetti, singer and

bassist for veteran Seattle rockers the

Supersuckers, says he's not one to succumb

to stereotyping.

That said, he certainly isn't going to stand

around and let the press pigeonhole his band. Eddie and the Supersuckers, known for their

punk, Satan-inspired antics, recently proved that by throwing the media a curve ball with their

1997 release Must've Been High, a bona fide country album that confounded even their fans.

And they've done it again by teaming up with outlaw country-rock singer Steve Earle on their

latest album, Steve Earle & The Supersuckers (June 10).

"I don't see that much difference between good rock music and good country music," Spaghetti

told ATN. "It's all the same, simple chords only with slightly different ways of playing and

communicating them. I mean I think a lot of artists realize it, but fans see these lines that the

media draws to sell more albums, these different genres. Rap, country, rock, if it's a good song,

I'm there."