Arrest Warrant Issued For Sade

Sade, Spice Girls, Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott, Bruce Springsteen

A Kingston, Jamaica, judge has issued an arrest warrant for soul-jazz singer

Sade after she failed to appear at a Wednesday hearing to answer

reckless driving charges. The singer is charged with leading police on a high-

speed chase last year in Montego Bay and greeting the officers with a string of

four-letter words when they finally pulled her over. She pleaded innocent to

reckless driving and using abusive language with police -- offenses that could

lead to fines of no more than $200. Last year, Sade won a stay of trial after a

police officer failed to show up in court. Resident Magistrate William Campbell

issued the warrant Wednesday after Sade's lawyer, Clive Mullings, told the

court that Sade had previous engagements out of the country.