Stones Cross Bridge To European Tour

Appearing for the first time since his rib injury, guitarist Keith Richards and the

Rolling Stones opened the European leg of the Bridges to Babylon tour to a

crowd of 80,000 on Saturday at Zeppelin Feld in Nuremberg, Germany.

Though the rock legends were scheduled to appear three weeks prior in Berlin,

the date was changed when Richards was injured in his home. Reports were

that the guitarist broke his rib while intoxicated, but Stones' label, Virgin

Records, countered with a public statement that Richards' injury occurred when

he fell from a stepladder while reaching for a book in his home library. The

record company denied that Richards was drunk at the time. Amusing a team of

photographers with gymnastic exercises on the eve of the tour's opening,

Richards proved that he was ready to return to the stage. The Stones will visit

other European cities in Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Sweden and Denmark

before the end of the summer.