News Flash: SonicNet In Search Of Talented Writers

SAN FRANCISCO -- SonicNet Music News, the world's leading daily music news service, and Addicted To Noise are on the lookout for talented freelance writers and reporters based in the London/Manchester areas as well as in Los Angeles.

However, if you hail from another major metropolis around the globe and have a true gift for turning around a great news story or news feature, you may apply as well. SonicNet and ATN are looking for writers who can commit themselves to writing one or more stories each week.

We want great writers with reporter instincts and loads of literary personality, not money-mongers looking for a fast buck.

Stringers may need to participate in daily news conferences via phone. You'll need to keep a running list of stories and story ideas that you plan to pursue, as well as be able to explain how you would pursue them.

Send a cover letter explaining your intentions and hopes, a few story ideas and how you would go about reporting them, samples of work and a resume by e-mail to senior editor Matt Melucci, c/o Lisa Fong ( Or send the same information (to the same people) via snail-mail: 375 Alabama St., Suite 480, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Those who apply must be in it for the love of music, NOT money.

We offer nominal pay but a wealth of experience, interviews with cool artists about songs and sounds and other such things, and the potential to have your stories read by music fans throughout the world.