Blur Fans Get Cheaper Remix Fix

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Fans of Blur will no longer have to endure

exorbitant Japanese import prices for Bustin' & Dronin', the band's

remix and live double disc set previously available only in Japan.

And while British fans will soon get their fix without digging deep into

their pockets, savings for Americans will remain one step removed, since

the album won't be released Stateside. U.S. fans will likely find the

album now as a British import rather than its more expensive Japanese


The first CD of Bustin' & Dronin' (March 9) contains nine remixes

from Blur's 1997 self-titled, fifth album, which reflected the group's

growing interest

in American indie rock. Among those reinterpreting the tracks are U.S.

indie stalwarts Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Tortoise drummer John

McEntire, as well as Moby and William Orbit (who produced Madonna's upcoming Ray Of Light album).

While the artists involved each put their personal stamp on the material,

few turned in radical departures from the original tracks, according to

Niamh Byrne, spokeswoman for CMO Management, the firm representing Blur in

the U.K.

"Most of the people have kept the songs as is, really, and just added their

own little bits to them," Byrne said. "Most of them are a different

mix rather than a remix." Of the nine cuts, eight are unique to Bustin'

& Dronin'.

The set also features a second disc called The Peel Acres Sessions,

which was recorded live last summer during an outdoor show at the home of

seminal BBC radio host John Peel.

The complete Bustin' & Dronin' track list: "Movin' On (William

Orbit)," "Death Of A Party (Well Blurred)," "On Your Own Couch (Crouch End

Broadway Mix),"

HREF="">"Beetlebum (Moby's

Mix)" (RealAudio excerpt of original version), "Essex Dogs

(Thurston Moore's Mix)," "Death Of A Party (Billy Whiskers Mix)," "Theme

From Retro (John McEntire Mix)," "Death Of A Party (12" Death)" and "On

Your Own (Walter Wall Mix)."

The Peel Sessions disc includes: "Popscene," "Song 2," "On Your Own,"

"Chinese Bombs," "Movin' On" and "MOR." -- Chris Nelson

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