Scans: Pernice Brothers, Sarah McLachlan, Massive Attack, Brian Wilson...

Former Scud Mountain Boys leader


Pernice will make his first foray back into music since the break-up


the Massachusetts slow-core country band with Overcome by


on May 19. The 12-track album, credited to the Pernice Brothers,


a mix of the same spare acoustic folk and fragile vocals perfected by


Scuds, complimented by a lush, Pet Sounds-like sheen of


pop ...

The Sarah McLachlan song "I Will Remember You," from the


to "The Brothers McMullen," will be featured in an upcoming series of

commercials for the National Safe Kids Campaign, a non-profit


aimed at curbing accidental childhood injury and death ... One-hit


wonder Vanilla Ice has returned from exile for a series of live

dates in February and March. The dates, which will bring the "Ice Ice


Iceman through Kansas, Canada, Florida and beyond, are mostly in clubs


600-plus capacity ... A compilation of rare tracks by techno act

Photek (a.k.a. Rupert Parks), entitled Form and

Function, is tentatively scheduled for a June 2 release. The album

is a

compilation of six singles released by Parks on his out-of-print Photek

label, along with remixes of all six tracks and two new songs. Among the

remixers handling the tracks are Peshay on "Rings Around Saturn,"

Digital on "The Lightning," J Majik on "U.F.O.," Doc

Scott on "Water Margin" and Grooverider on "Resolution" ...

The name of Bristol, England, trip-hop originators Massive Attack's

upcoming third album is Mezzanine (May 12). The album features


vocals of former Cocteau Twins singer Elizabeth Fraser on


first single, "Teardrop," as well as the songs "Angel," "Risingson,"

"Inertia Creeps," "Exchange," "Man Next Door" and "Group 4"... Less than

six months after releasing his full-length album Lunatic Harness,

restless studio-technoist µ-Ziq (a.k.a. Mike


will release an eight-track EP entitled Brace Yourself (April


Composed of tracks voted on by fans at the artist's website, the release

will feature the songs "Kubba," "Vaken Bolt," "Loser's March," "Summer

Living 2," "Abmoit" and two versions of "Brace Yourself"...

Legendary Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson is at work on a


album, Imagination, set for release in the spring. Among the


that might appear on the effort are "Happy Days Are Here Again,"

"Sunshine," "Where Has Love Been" and "Lay Down Burden"... Former


Colour singer Corey Glover has signed with Babyface's


Face Records and is at work on his solo debut. The still-untitled album,

described as a continuation of the hard-rock sound pioneered by Living

Colour in the late '80s, is not yet scheduled for release ...

Hip-O records plans to release Living The Dream -- A Tribute To Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. on March 24. Tracks include R&B queen


Franklin belting out "Amazing Grace," soul star Mary J. Blige

contributing "Keep Your Head," new soul sensation Erykah Badu singing

"Drama" and basketball star/rapper Shaquille O'Neal on "It Was All A

Dream." The album will be interspersed with portions of Dr. King's "I


A Dream" speech with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Martin

Luther King Jr. Center For Nonviolent Social Change, Inc. in Atlanta ...

Mega-rap star Coolio will act alongside Wil Wheaton of "Star


The Next Generation" in an independent film titled "Midnight Mass."


will play the role of a Jamaican ganglord named Blue Lou ... -- ATN

staff report [Mon., Feb. 16, 1998, 9 a.m.


Among the never-before-heard songs on the


collaboration between British folkie Billy Bragg and Wilco

on unreleased material

from American folk legend Woody Guthrie are "My Flying Saucer"

and "Hoodoo Voodoo."

Wilco and Bragg have recorded music to lyrics left behind by Guthrie,

who died from Huntington's

Disease in 1967. The album is due out in June ... The handwritten lyrics

to Elton John's

Princess Diana tribute, "Candle in the Wind '97," the best-selling

single of all time, were sold for

$442,500 at an auction on Wednesday. Reuters reports that the

lyrics, originally written in

tribute to the late screen star Marilyn Monroe and revised by John's

songwriting partner Bernie Taupin

to commemorate Diana after her 1997 car-crash death, were purchased by

the Lund Foundation, an

organization that supports education and youth programs ....

Rhino Records will release a three-CD set of intergalactic music under

the New Visions banner

on April 21. Volume one is Celestial Voyagers, featuring 16

tracks from artists such as

Brian Eno and Mike Oldfield ("Tubular Bells"); volume two

is World

Rhythms, with tracks from the late Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh

Ali Khan with

Michael Brook and former Grateful Dead percussionist

Mickey Hart; and

The New Acoustics, with contributions from Ottmar Liebert

and Bela Fleck


P-Funk-style funk band Weapon of Choice will release a

"best of" collection,

Nutmeg Fantasy, on March 30. The 10-track album will feature the

tracks "Nutty Nutmeg

Phantasy," "Just Cuz She Was Nice" and "Leprechauns and Silly Things,"

as well as the previously

unreleased tracks "P-Kin At the Apex" and "Whoopin' " ....

Ray Davies is overseeing the release of 15 Kinks

studio-albums on Velvel Records,

beginning with 1971's Muswell Hillbillies and ending with 1983's

greatest-hits collection,

Come Dancing With The Kinks. Velvel will release two Kinks

albums every two months, said label

president Bob Frank, starting with Muswell Hillbillies and


in Showbiz on May 19 and continuing in chronological order. Each


will include bonus tracks, unreleased band photos and expanded liner

notes by Kinks expert Peter Dogget. Frank said future releases from the

Kinks may include live

material and a box set in 1999. "Davies is, as we

speak, in Spain specifically working on the first releases," Frank said

... -- ATN staff report

[Sat., Feb. 14, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]