Scans: Billy Bragg, Wilco, Brian Eno, Weapon of Choice, Kinks...

Among the never-before-heard songs on the still-untitled

collaboration between British folkie Billy Bragg and Wilco on unreleased material

from American folk legend Woody Guthrie are "My Flying Saucer" and "Hoodoo Voodoo."

Wilco and Bragg have recorded music to lyrics left behind by Guthrie, who died from Huntington's

Disease in 1967. The album is due out in June ... The handwritten lyrics to Elton John's

Princess Diana tribute, "Candle in the Wind '97," the best-selling single of all time, were sold for

$442,500 at an auction on Wednesday. Reuters reports that the lyrics, originally written in

tribute to the late screen star Marilyn Monroe and revised by John's songwriting partner Bernie Taupin

to commemorate Diana after her 1997 car-crash death, were purchased by the Lund Foundation, an

organization that supports education and youth programs ....

Rhino Records will release a three-CD set of intergalactic music under the New Visions banner

on April 21. Volume one is Celestial Voyagers, featuring 16 tracks from artists such as

Brian Eno and Mike Oldfield ("Tubular Bells"); volume two is World

Rhythms, with tracks from the late Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with

Michael Brook and former Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart; and

The New Acoustics, with contributions from Ottmar Liebert and Bela Fleck


P-Funk-style funk band Weapon of Choice will release a "best of" collection,

Nutmeg Fantasy, on March 30. The 10-track album will feature the tracks "Nutty Nutmeg

Phantasy," "Just Cuz She Was Nice" and "Leprechauns and Silly Things," as well as the previously

unreleased tracks "P-Kin At the Apex" and "Whoopin' " ....

Ray Davies is overseeing the release of 15 Kinks studio-albums on Velvel Records,

beginning with 1971's Muswell Hillbillies and ending with 1983's greatest-hits collection,

Come Dancing With The Kinks. Velvel will release two Kinks albums every two months, said label

president Bob Frank, starting with Muswell Hillbillies and Everybody's

in Showbiz on May 19 and continuing in chronological order. Each album

will include bonus tracks, unreleased band photos and expanded liner

notes by Kinks expert Peter Dogget. Frank said future releases from the Kinks may include live

material and a box set in 1999. "Davies is, as we

speak, in Spain specifically working on the first releases," Frank said ... -- ATN staff report

[Sat., Feb. 14, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]

Although final arrangements are not yet complete, it is likely that

Pearl Jam will play on the 1,000th episode of the popular CBS variety/talk show "The Late Show with David Letterman" in May. "We have an offer and it's looking good," said PJ publicist Annie Ohayon. "I haven't confirmed it 100 percent yet, but it's definitely something we're looking into" ...

Rhino Records has enlisted Patti Smith guitarist Lenny Kaye

to oversee an upcoming four-CD box set based on the original Nuggets

garage-rock album that Kaye compiled 25 years ago. Although the box set will

feature all of the original Nuggets tracks, it will contain different material than the 12-volume Nuggets series that Rhino issued in the 1980s. "These are great tracks: a lot of obscurities, a lot of semi-hits and a lot of the best music of that moment," Kaye said ... Former Creedence Clearwater Revival leader John Fogerty's upcoming album, Premonition, will be composed entirely of live tracks recorded in front of an audience at a Warner Bros. studio. Addicted To Noise previously reported that the title song was a non-live studio track ...

The cameo by Cure leader Robert Smith on Comedy Central's "South Park" cartoon will find the mopey singer duking it out with a robotic Barbra Streisand monster in an episode entitled "Mecha-Streisand." The episode will air Wednesday (Feb. 18) ... Ragged-out boogie-blooze act Royal Trux will release the searing nine-track album Accelerator on April 21, marking their return to Chicago's Drag City label. The group will mount a U.S. tour beginning in late March ...

Joke folk-rocker Mojo Nixon has shoehorned his way into the news once again by being named the honorary captain of the U.S. Olympic luge team. The "Don Henley Must Die" singer, who was propositioned for the honor by the team, has even penned a theme song for the crew, "Arctic Evel Kneivel," which features one of the lugers on drums, as well as members of the Beat Farmers. The song is scheduled to air Friday night during coverage of the luge finals ... -- ATN staff report [Fri., Feb. 13, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]

It didn't take long for Chumbawamba's Danbert Nobacon to get his comeuppance for a watery attack on British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott at Monday's Brit awards. Writer Christian Fraser of London's Daily Mirror exacted revenge for the attack, during which Nobacon dumped a bucket of ice-cold water on Prescott and shouted, "That's for the Liverpool [England] dockers!" The writer gave the singer a taste of his own medicine by dumping a pail of cold water over anarchist Nobacon's head Tuesday. Thinking he was posing for a photo, the be-skirted Nobacon stopped, was doused and began shouting invectives at the journalist and his photographer accomplice. "I'm going to give you such a good kicking," Nobacon yelled as he threw a few punches at the journalists. Chumba co-member Alice Nutter reacted to the incident by saying she'd only wished that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had been at the awards show instead of Prescott. "We hate the Labour Party," Nutter told the Mirror, "because they've sold out. They're rubbish. We hoped Tony Blair would be [at the awards show] so we could all go up and spit in his bubbly" ...

Live From Planet Ska: The Best of British Ska Live (Music Club) is the name of a 16-track compilation of second-wave English ska due for release on Feb. 16. The album features four classic tracks each from ska pioneers the Specials, the Selecter and Special Beat, and three tracks from Bad Manners. The songs were recorded both in the bands' 1979 heyday and at 1991 and 1992 concerts ... The very busy off-beat hip-hop duo Hi Fi Killers will release an EP on March 10 entitled Stretch (Loosegroove), the follow-up to their excellent, funky 1997 debut, Loaded. The EP features "Family Stones," "The Weed" and two tracks from their still-untitled double-CD (May), as well as a remix of "Kojak Cries." Two tracks -- "Like a Lion" and "No Guts" -- also will be featured on an upcoming September release, Hi Fi Killers in Jamaica, which includes vocals from a number of up-and-coming island reggae vocalists ...

Pulp will release the title-track to their upcoming album, This is Hardcore, as their second British single on March 16. The U.K. single will be available as two separate CDs, one with two remixes of the song and the tracks "Ladies' Man" and "The Professional," the other with four remixes of "This is Hardcore," including one by San Francisco trip-hoppers Tipsy ... Rapper KRS-One revealed the name of his new album in a SonicNet (sister site of Addicted To Noise) chat earlier this week. "When I leave here, I am going to the studio to record a record called The Warning Shot," KRS-One said. He later added that he has just signed with Little Brown to work on a book in which "my life story will be the foundation ... But it will really be about the development of my philosophies and insights, to be completed some time in 1999" ... -- ATN staff report [Thurs., Feb. 12, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]