'You Deserve To Be Loved': Kaycee And Nany Went On Their Very First Challenge Date

The two have been at the center of dating rumors since 'Total Madness'

Nicholas Sparks need not look further than The Challenge for inspiration on a coming classic: During this week's Spies, Lies and Allies episode, Kaycee and Nany -- who have been at the center of dating rumors for years -- finally put suspicions to rest by going on their very first official date. And the swirling watercolor of flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne might have just given The Notebook a run for its money.

Kaycee -- whose head was focused on the fiery dissolution of the Big Brother alliance -- nevertheless threw her whole heart into her very first public outing with Nany. For years and across several seasons, the BB winner and the Real World: Las Vegas export had drawn rumors that they were romantically entangled, and finally, not unlike Bonnie Raitt, they gave their fellow cast members something to talk about.

Before the game’s looming mission, “Turning Agents,” Kaycee prepared a fantasy getaway for her longtime crush -- and while it may have only seemed like a simple walk to the gazebo in the middle of the cast’s pool, Nany saw it as so much more.

“I’m gonna try not to cry right now,” she said after Kaycee arrived to her room with a bouquet of sunflowers.

The ladies’ fellow competitors -- many of whom watched Kaycee’s and Nany’s love story evolve slowly -- broke out into applause as Kaycee and Nany joined hands, descended down into the house’s backyard and strode across a series of paper lights toward their designated bungalow.

“Kaycee has surprised Nany with a date night. Everything is so cute and it makes me sick,” Ashley joked. “I’m so lonely.”

And it only took a second for both Kaycee and Nany to gush under the watchful eyes of cat and unicorn stuffed animals.

“One of the reasons I love Kaycee so much is how thoughtful and considerate she is,” Nany said. “Just the fact that so many other people knew about this date night and I had no idea makes it even more special.”

And Kaycee said was happy to play the role of planner.

“You deserve happiness. You deserve to be loved. You deserve it all,” she said. “I appreciate you so much.”


While many of the house’s other couples have routinely been split up by untimely elimination rounds (sorry, Kelz and Tori; better luck next time, Emanuel and Michele), Kaycee and Nany — both of whom survived Double Agents until the game’s end, might just have what it takes to go the distance…inside and outside the game.

Check out the first date that’s been literal years in the making, tell us what you think of Kaycee and Nany as a potential power couple, and hang tight for the next Spies, Lies and Allies episode on Wednesday at 8/7c.