Here Are The Most Dramatic Moments From The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Trailer

For starters, Audrina and Brody kissed...

"So much stuff has happened" since we last saw The Hills: New Beginnings. And when the iconic group returns to MTV on May 12 for Season 2, viewers will get a first-hand look at how their lives have changed since the Hollywood gang gathered at Spencer and Heidi's vow renewal on the Season 1 finale.

From surprise smooches to Kristin Cavallari familiar faces, the rest is still unwritten with the Tinseltown pals (evidence in the promo above). Check out these surprising (and dramatic) tidbits from the extensive Season 2 trailer -- and do not miss the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings on May 12 at 9/8c (right after the season premiere of Siesta Key).

  • Audrina reveals that she kissed...Brody

    Where?! When?!

  • Brandon has a new lady

    And he wants to give the relationship "a chance."

  • Brody isn't the Brody he wants to be

    He also admits he's "hurt a lot of people" (with a quick cutaway to his ex Kaitlynn).

  • Caroline is on the scene

    The inaugural look at the newcomer -- plus Kaitlynn.

  • Frankie is "trying to restructure his world"

    And he has his wife Jennifer by his side.

  • Heidi is ready to expand the Pratt clan

    But Spencer has some concerns about the timing.

  • Jason has worked "so hard" for his recovery...

    ...but someone in the group is questioning if he's sober or not.

  • Justin Bobby sees kids and a wife in his future

    And he has a heart to heart chat with his dad!

  • Kristin makes an entrance

    It's the return of K-Cav.