Teen Mom OG Tears: Maci Breaks Down After Discovering What Happened During Bentley's First Therapy Session

Will Ryan ever join his son during an appointment?

Bentley privately confessed to Maci and Taylor that he did not want to see Ryan unless the father-son duo went to therapy sessions together. And during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, the mother of three was advised by a therapist that her eldest should go on his own at first so that Bentley can feel "totally comfortable" in this new environment before taking that step with his father.

Before the initial visit, Maci advised her oldest son to be open in this private forum and to "be vulnerable."

"I love you, I'm proud of you," Maci stated as she dropped off Bentley at the non-filmed visit.

Bentley did not want to discuss the topics covered in therapy on-camera, but Maci did speak to the therapist over the phone (with Taylor by her side) about the sessions. The therapist revealed that Bentley was not yet ready to speak with Ryan in this type of setting and more individual sessions would be the best way to proceed.

"My main concern is that he seems to feel neglected by his father; he has a hard time knowing what to do about it," Maci was told. "It's a difficult thing for a kid to feel that they have to teach their dad how to be a dad, because that's not their job."

Maci agreed with the therapist that Bentley's needs were not being met by Ryan -- and after the phone call, she broke down.

"I'm angry," Maci confessed. "I just never wanted to put 'neglect' and 'Bentley' in the same sentence."

Taylor assured Maci that she is a "great mother" and that she has done everything she can for her son.

"And so have you," Maci offered. "But there's a hole that only one person can fill. There's pain that I can never fix for [Bentley]. I just wish I could carry it instead."

Will Ryan eventually attend therapy with Bentley? Or will Bentley continue to attend on his own, without his father? Keep watching Teen Mom OG every Tuesday at 8/7c.