Ronnie's Not Exactly Confident About Finding A Girlfriend On Jersey Shore

The 'Family Vacation' star says he's ready to settle down, but...

Ronnie is ready to settle down after "a lot of bad relationships" (his words, not ours). In the midst of a Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Oh, and a pandemic.

In a much better place than he was last year, the Bronx native is focused on his recent move to Los Angeles and "being a single dad" to Ariana. And tonight's episode saw single Ronnie ready to mingle.

"For once, I'm looking for a long time and not a good time. I'm tired of cycling through girls and relationships," he admitted, admiring Mike and Lauren's relationship. "I want someone that's gonna be my best friend."

Enter Pauly and Vinny, the self-confessed "dating connoisseurs" with plenty of experience from Double Shot at Love. Dubbing it "the most genius idea or the dumbest idea ever," the couple of guido Chris Harrisons set up their own pseudo dating show titled Trouble Shot at Love — y'know, because Ron's "had trouble" with the ladies in the past.

According to Vin, Ronnie's got at least "a 50/50 shot," seeing as Pauly found love on the show with Nikki. And it's not like the devoted dad expects a lot — his gym-tan-laundry list of qualities include a girl who's ambitious, funny and attractive.

The gang then sifted through several video submissions to find "good-quality girls" for Ron, some of whom are willing to (bonus!) perform acts of sexual pleasure at Walmart.

After ironing his T-shirt and breaking out the jorts, it was time for a classed-up Ron to meet the potentials. But Ronnie completely froze upon being introduced. If he can't even utter a simple, "Hi, my name is Ronnie," is he really ready for a relationship? Give us your thoughts, then see what happens next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c.