Marked Man: Darrell Already Feels A Target On His Back On The Challenge: Double Agents

The four-time champ isn't the only veteran returning to the game

Darrell Taylor has the most Challenge wins of anyone vying for the Double Agents title, and the four-time champ knows this sets him apart from the rest of the Season 36 competitors.

"I feel like it's a big target on my back," the Road Rules alum reveals in the clip above. "They're going to be coming after me."

But the good guy (a nod to Inferno 2) isn't the only veteran player returning to the unique game after several years. Theresa Jones is trying to secure her first W after last appearing on MTV back in 2015.

"My life has changed tremendously. I now have two children," the Fresh Meat 2 rookie turned Battle of the Exes 2 finalist divulges in the video.

So how will she -- and Darrell -- form alliances with the people who have "been working together for years"? And what does Theresa's former partner Wes (ahhh BOTE2 memories) make of her reentry to The Challenge? Find out in the video, and do not miss the premiere of The Challenge: Double Agents on Wednesday at 8/7c.