16 And Pregnant Catch-Up: Have Maddie And Her Mom Mended Their Relationship?

Plus, find out if the teen is still with her baby daddy Korey

Maddie distanced herself from her mom Crystal when she was 16 and pregnant -- and right after the teen welcomed daughter Kaezleigh, she moved out with her newborn. Fast-forward about eight months: Have relations improved between Maddie and Crystal, and how would the former describe their status today?

"We're just trying to start over," Maddie divulged in the catch-up video above. "There's been a lot of talks between her and me. In the show, I just didn't know how to stand up for anybody, let alone myself. I was very depressed, and I let everybody walk all over me. Now I'm starting to stand up more for myself and obviously my family. I think she's starting to realize that, and she's starting to respect me and Korey's relationship a lot more."

And speaking of Maddie's baby daddy -- how are Baby K's parents getting along? And are they still together? Watch the entire clip, and do not miss a brand-new 16 and Pregnant tale tomorrow night at 9/8c.