Sneak Peek: This Woman Was Ghosted By Her Uber Driver

'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing' returns this Wednesday

It was love at first ride -- until one unlucky passenger got ghosted by her driver.

The season premiere of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing -- airing Wednesday at 9/8c -- will feature a woman named Joanna and her complicated relationship that began in, of all places, an Uber.

"I fell in love with my Uber share ride driver named Aaron," the single mother from New Jersey tells hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills in the first-ever virtual episode. "We met March 2019. He was so cute when I first met him. I liked his vibe."

She continued: "We had to go pick up my child from school. He met my son that same day. He was very talkative, handsome."

And that's not all -- Joanna goes on to say she had Aaron did some "freaky things" together. To hear her elaborate on them (!), watch the clip above. And do not miss the season premiere of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing on Wednesday at 9/8c (right after a brand-new episode of Catfish).