Siesta Key Engagement: Here's How Madisson And Ish's Romance Evolved

He was her producer -- and now he's her fiancé

Madisson and Ish met "way back in the beginning" of Siesta Key: She had just graduated with an engineering degree and was back in her beachside hometown to start fresh, while he was a producer overseeing the filming of the summer soap. And now, the two -- who announced their romance at the onset of Season 3 to much surprise -- are engaged. We agree with you, Juliette -- it's "so cute"!

Before Madisson and Ish get ready to become the first SK husband and wife duo, we're looking back at their small-screen journey together. It all began when Madisson spent some time in Los Angeles, where Ish lives. The two became more than business acquaintances -- and from their initial time on-screen, it was clear that Madisson's relationship with Ish was different from those with her previous boyfriends.

"I love you," she sweetly told him as they enjoyed a date.

"We're not there yet," he quipped, to which she quickly responded, "Shut the f*ck up!"

But he was obviously messing with her.

"Just kidding -- I love you too," he responded.

However, playfulness was replaced with drama: Who could forget Madisson shocking Chloe with the identity of her new (but familiar) beau? Or Brandon becoming enraged when he learned of his former girlfriend's new love? And Madisson's own family having doubts about her connection with Ish. And last, but certainly not least, the possible baby...

But the show's more recent episodes featured sweet new beginnings, like the two securing their roots in Los Angeles and, of course, their road to marriage.

For more highlights featuring Madisson and Ish -- including the sweet story of how he proposed -- watch the video below. And stay with MTV News for more Siesta Key updates!