'I Have A Kid': Siesta Key's Brandon Gomes Reveals He's A Father

And the baby's mother isn't Camilla

Brandon and Camilla were working toward "our place" (aka living together) in Siesta Key. But during tonight's reunion, the two revealed that their relationship had taken a turn for the worst, and he disclosed some very unexpected news: He is a father.

"I'm really not myself right now -- it's extremely hard," Brandon stated as Camilla pressured him to "say it."

Brandon's story: "Ten months ago, I hooked up with this girl, and she told me recently that I have a kid with her."

"You were with her for five months while we were dating, literally coming back to me," Camilla interjected, adding she saw "the texts" that prove her point. "You literally couldn't tell me the truth; I had to find out from her. You're a pathetic person."

A visibly upset Brandon admitted he was "going through a lot" and was "dealing with a lot." But Camilla didn't see it this way.

"You're dealing with nothing," she refuted. "You're in California, when you should be here in Sarasota dealing with this situation. You can't run away from you're problems. They're here."

Brandon stated that he went to the Golden State to pursue his music, what he "loves the best." From there, the reunion environment became too much, so he left his seat. While he was away, Camilla explained that she found out the life-changing news during a phone call.

"I said, 'This makes no sense,'" she elaborated. "So then I decided to reach out to the girl, because I felt there was missing pieces."

Camilla said that she spoke to the new mom and that Brandon knew she was pregnant "the whole time."

"He decided to block her when she said she was keeping the baby," Camilla disclosed. "That's what kind of person he is. He's literally sending me fruit baskets, like that's going to fix something."

Amanda emphasized to host Jeannie Mai that no one knew that Brandon had a child until this very moment, and Camilla said that she had been doing fine until this virtual sit-down. Eventually, producers were able to get Brandon to rejoin the cast, and he had this message.

"It's on me. I'm responsible for it," he expressed, as Camilla, Madisson and Chloe wiped away tears. "I've made some mistakes; I've hurt some people that don't deserve to go through this."

He concluded: "I probably haven't been dealing with it right, but my anxiety is real, real high right now. I'm trying to correct this as a man."

Madisson summed it up as a "heartbreaking situation," while Garrett told Brandon that he was there for him. Brandon said he loved Camilla, while Camilla stressed that he needed to come back to Florida.

"I feel so bad about myself that I'm almost as if I'm a monster," he emotionally stated. "I don't want anybody around me right now."

Shortly after the reunion aired, Brandon shared a photo with his son.

"Meet Quincy," Brandon captioned the photo above with his mini-me.

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