How Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Is Winning Her Years-Long Battle With Anxiety

The mother of three opened up about her new life changes

Chelsea has described her anxiety, which she has suffered from for years, as "debilitating" on Teen Mom 2. And during this week's episode, the mother of three expressed that her struggle has lessened -- thanks in part to several life changes.

"When I used to go to meet with Laurie, I would always be so nervous and quiet," Cheslea told Cole about her business collaboration with Lauriebelles (a local clothing store with online merchandise). "Because I think my anxiety was so bad that I wasn't ever leaving the house. And then I started doing this, and it got me out and doing things for a reason. I think I needed that."

Another update, which had not yet been disclosed unlike the aforementioned professional venture: Chelsea began treatment.

"I'm in therapy. I like my lady that I talk to a lot," Chelsea stated. "And I've been reading my books; one of the books I've been reading is about the love languages of children."

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