Will 'Sh*t Get Weird' Between Nicky And Suzi After Their Double Shot Hookup?

She said it was 'lit' -- but worries their romp could ruin life in Vegas

Suzi gets what Suzi wants -- and that was needing "Italian in me" (in the form of Nicky).

During tonight's Double Shot at Love episode, the woman with the special laugh and 1/3 of the cougine crew capitalized on all of that "sexual energy in the air." Giggles everywhere -- especially in the sheets.

"At the end of the night, we always end up finding each other," Suzi said of Nicky pre-hookup. "Like, I'm Gucci -- I can handle this. But maybe now it's time to take it up to the next level."

B-Lashes was all for this connection, claiming that they are "just a cute, perfect, tiny couple." And when the pair got their romp on, Suzi announced, "It was lit!" But in the moment, she was concerned that this could potentially affect their Sin City stint.

"If you f*ck another girl, I'll let you f*ck another girl," Suzi said. "If I want to f*ck another man..." she continued, as Nicky intervened with, "That's fine. I promise that."

Sure, it's time to break out the "sex robe" chant -- but will Suzi and Nicky really be able to keep their pact "hundred"? Or will "sh*t get weird" between the two? Keep watching Double Shot at Love every Thursday at 8/7c.