'I'm Glad I Told Alyssa The Truth': Juliette Has No Regrets About Her Siesta Key Revelation

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The cat's out of the hush bag: Alyssa knows allllllll about Juliette f*cking her boyfriend hooking up with with Alex. And now Juliette is dealing with the fallout for disclosing the Siesta Key secret.

"I've just been dealing with Alex bitching me out all morning," Juliette tells Chloe (who knew about the tryst when it happened in Nashville) in a sneak peek from tonight's episode. "I'm glad I told Alyssa the truth, but Alex has been calling me all day with mean things to say as if it's my fault. You're the one who cheated on your girlfriend, dude."

When Chloe asks if he told Alyssa the truth, Juliette confirms he did.

"Apparently, she moved all of her stuff out of his house, and she's really sad," Juliette adds.

What does Chloe think about Amanda's inability to tell Alyssa about the hookup? And is Chloe worried that the revelation is going to affect her working relationship with Alex? Watch the entire video, and do not miss a brand-new episode of Siesta Key tonight at 8/7c.