'A Beautiful Moment': Angelina And Chris Both Shed Tears Before Their Jersey Shore Wedding

It was all about that 'first look'

Angelina has never shown her heart like this before -- and it's fitting that the display unfolded on her wedding day to Chris.

Tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw the Staten Island native in rare form just an hour before her wedding ceremony -- she was emotional, vulnerable, and real during a loving embrace with her husband-to-be. Gone were the sharts and sharp-tongued insults from family vacations past, and in their place were whispers of sweet somethings and tears of joy. The reason for Angelina's change of shart heart? The "first look" with her fiancé Chris.

"Weddings are not how they used to be back in the day where you had to walk down the aisle to see your husband for the first time," she said. "These days, you do something called a 'first look,' where you and your husband-to-be see each other before actually walking down the aisle."

The moment was made extra sweet considering the bridezilla was calling her man a "do-do-doo-doo" -- and giving him sh*t about his fancy new designer shoes -- just the day before.

While Snooki showed her support by shouting, "Show us your tits!" from the balcony, Angelina nervously approached Chris just before bursting into happy tears.

"As Angelina and Chris turn around, they look so cute, both of them are crying," Deena said. "I'm like, 'This is perfect, they love each other.' You can just tell how much he loves her."

Her jaded outlook and any Pauly D awkwardness aside, JWOWW echoed, "We can totally tell Chris is crying. This is such a beautiful moment. So perfect."

And in that "beautiful moment," any perceived "sexual tension" between Angelina and Vinny became a distant Jersey Shore memory. (Angelinny, who?)

"It feels so good to know that there's somebody in this world that loves me the way that Chris loves me," shared the bride-to-be. "I cannot wait to get married. It's going to be such an amazing night."

Tune in next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c to catch their special "I do" -- and see what else unfolds at the nuptials.