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Lil Nas X's Debut Album Is 82 Percent Done And You Can Help Name It

The 'Old Town Road' singer asked fans to chime in with their suggestions

Lil Nas X's debut album is slowly coming together, and the viral rapper has been graciously keeping his fans in the loop via his Twitter and Instagram bios. Currently, both read, "ALBUM: 82% DONE," followed by a tiger emoji, signaling a 3 percent increase from last week's status update. And in the meantime, Nas X, who released his first EP, 7, last year on the tail-end of his torrid "Old Town Road" success, has kept the industry excitedly anticipating his inaugural LP.

On Wednesday (May 27) the "Old Town Road" singer offered a sneak peak of new music with a post on his Instagram stories. The brief clip depicted the singer, wearing a gray Calvin Klein Jeans hoodie, grooving in what appears to be his living room.

Subsequently, Nas X took to Twitter to crowd-source album title suggestions. "ALL FOLLOWERS REPORT," he wrote in all-caps. "NEED ALBUM NAME IDEAS!" Fans quickly sounded off with suggestions. "NASARATI 2," one Twitter user responded; another chimed in with "the Lil Nas Xperience."

While each response varied in apparent earnestness, a sense of playfulness came through, fitting for the artist's rise from internet sensation to public persona, which has often drawn upon eccentric apparel and comedic music videos. Check out some of the most creative — and hilarious — responses, below.

Lil Nas X's most recent drop was the futuristic music video for "Rodeo (Remix)," which released after the singer was honored with two Grammys in January and tapped Nas for a Matrix-esque, bullet-dodging, vampire storyline. While the release date for Nas X's debut album has yet to be announced, he has alluded to it as being "more personal" than previous work, and "finna slap."

So, will his next album be named "Ghost Town" or "Horsepower," riffing on the Western themes that made him famous? Or will he follow a new route entirely? Weigh in on the chain — maybe Lil Nas X will pick your idea!