Critiquing The 'Cugines': Which Double Shot At Love Dude Made The Best First Impression?

Find out what the ladies thought of Antonio, Brandon and Nicky

Introducing the "three sausages!"

During this week's Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny premiere, Derynn was told by the Jersey Shore guys to "bring some friends" to Las Vegas. So the Cat Lady brought a few pals from Hoboken.

"They like to party; they like to have fun. I'm excited for you guys to meet them," Derynn told Maria, B-Lashes, Marissa and Suzi at the airport.

The catch: The pals weren't ladies. To quote Suzi, "Oh my God, Derynn's friends are boys. Yaas!"

So who are the "cugines"? There's Brandon (an emcee/DJ), "Pool Party Papi" Antonio and car connoisseur Nicky. And who made the best first impression?

"None of them!" Derynn joked with MTV News. "I brought them all here."

Quips aside, the rest of the ladies agreed that Nick (with his "Staten Island" vibe, to quote Marissa) was the winner right out of the gate.

"He was funny, kind, good-looking, well put-together," B-Lashes revealed. "He held the door open for us, helped us carry our bags. He was a real gentleman."

And, because it's only fair, who didn't make the best impact right out of the gate?

"Antonio. He literally doesn’t know how to be quiet," Suzi said. "This guy doesn’t have a mute button."

What did B-Lashes think?

"Brandon was loud, looked like a f*ckboy, acts like a f*ckboy," she said. "Big ego. I thought he was going to be relentless."

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