'Amazing And Beautiful': How Mackenzie And Her Family Celebrated Angie's Birthday On Teen Mom OG

The MTV grandmother would have been 51

Mackenzie and her family commemorated Angie's first birthday (she would have been 51) without their beloved matriarch during this week's Teen Mom OG finale. And the mother of three made sure to honor her parent with "a very special day" to help everyone "heal" and celebrate the things Angie loved most.

"We probably just have to get together and run," Mackenzie told her sister Whitney. "That's so important because that gave us extra time with her."

Mackenzie ultimately planned for the family to be together, and she opted to run for 51 minutes. All while "thinking about her life and thankful for the mom God gave me."

Later, Mackenzie met up with her loved ones for dinner, including her dad Brad and sister Whitney.

"Today went better than expected. It was just so amazing and beautiful, and I loved every second of it," Mack stated.

Then she addressed her mom directly.

"I love you so so much and miss you more than I ever could have expected," Mackenzie said. "I'm taking care of Dad as best as I can, and I hope that I'm making you proud because I'm trying every single day. Thank you for all that you taught me and always believing in me."