BTS Are Stadium-Stomping Titans In New 'Break The Silence' Trailer

It's a preview of their new tour docuseries that drops on May 12

Get ready for a time travelin' trip to 2018! BTS are rearing up to release Break The Silence, a new docuseries that will follow their massive treks for the Love Yourself and Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tours that took place from 2018 to 2019. They've shared a trailer that previews the exhilarating experience of glittering microphones, arenas illuminated by camera screens,  and intense emotions before and after shows. It's going to be a hell of a ride.

The Break The Silence trailer gives a glimpse at what touring juggernauts look like — more so than BTS's 2019 Bring the Soul: The Movie documentary that sold more than 2.55 million tickets across 112 territories around the world, making it the widest-ever release for an event cinema title. That film broke the group's own record set by Burn the Stage: The Movie which debuted to almost $14 million in 2018. There's no doubt in my mind that Break The Silence will be even bigger than both of these.

With silver and rose gold microphones in hand, BTS jump around stadium stages in the trailer while roaring crowds, reduced to screaming circles, have the time of their lives. The camera focuses on the hugeness of the experience: confetti shooting out of cannons, selfie-cams twirling around to show just how many people are packed in each venue, and the rows and rows of fans enclosed in fences who want nothing more than to breathe the same air as BTS.

There are also a few moments that preview a pensive look at the quiet moments between explosive shows. We see brotherly daps and members consoling each other when things get tough. I can see that this go-around is going to get deeper than ever before.

Break The Silence will be out on May 12. It'll debut through the WeVerse app and can be pre-ordered now. It's a few weeks out, so you'll need some BTS content to hold you over until then. I suggest the group's variety show, Run BTS, that celebrated its 100th episode earlier this month.

BTS recently released their Map of the Soul: 7 album — which features both "Black Swan" and "On" — and detailed to MTV's Fresh Out Live the realities of having such a huge spotlight. "You may think our lives are really glorious or really fancy and that we live the high life, but actually we also face our own shadows in our lives and in the work that we do," Suga said. "I think it's the same with everybody. I think everybody goes through the same things."

Check out a preview of BTS's Break The Silence trailer up above.