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Yes, Colton Haynes Named His Cat After Timothée Chalamet

Everyone, meet Timothee ChalaMeow

Prepare yourselves for a whole lot of cute, because Arrow actor Colton Haynes is officially the proud father of an adorable new cat. And recently, Haynes took to social media to introduce the world to his brand new fur baby, whom he named after none other than Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet.

"I'm finally a cat Daddy," Haynes captioned a series of photos on Instagram. "Meet my whittle baby Timothee ChalaMeow." He went on to explain that he adopted Timothee, which was something he'd been thinking about doing for a while. "[I] am so grateful for @kittenrescuela for bringing this sweetie into my life," he wrote. "He's already annoyed with me cause I won't leave him alone."

But that's not all. The Teen Wolf star also uploaded a video on YouTube, where he detailed the adoption process. "I have finally made up my mind and I am officially adopting a cat," he said, adding that "there's nothing in the schedule" preventing him from doing so. "I went and actually met this two-year-old cat. This little boy. And he is so sweet, super skittish, but the way he was with his foster family was just super, super sweet and cuddly."

Sadly, Chalamet hasn't yet responded to the news that Haynes named the cat in his honor. But still, Haynes couldn't be more excited about his name choice. "I've come up with a name and I'm very excited about it," he said. His name is Timothee ChalaMeow. Isn't that clever?" And since the cat is so loveable, like Chalamet himself, it definitely fits.

It's also worth mentioning that Haynes isn't the only celebrity who's decided to adopt a pet as we all continue to hunker down and social distance ourselves amid the coronavirus pandemic. Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez both recently adopted puppies and introduced them to the world on social media.

But remember: While fostering and adopting pets is encouraged for those who can during this extremely uncertain time, it's important to remember that many people aren't in a position to do so, and that's OK. There are many other ways to support animals in need, and checking with your local shelter or rescue is a great place to start.