YouTube/Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez's Revenge Plan Goes Awry In 'Same Side' Video

She becomes a victim of her ability to forgive

Jessie Reyez becomes a victim of her own ability to forgive in the video for "Same Side," which dropped on Friday (April 24). It feels like a metaphor for the song's message: Keep your guard up in a relationship because your partner can strike when you least expect it. With a grisly story featuring the singer preparing to do harm on someone, it's an intense three-minute clip that leaves you pondering about its aftermath after it abruptly cuts to black.

When it starts, Reyez is pissed — sitting in a chair, loading an empty weapon in preparation for a confrontation that she's about to have with her partner. She's ready to go to a dark, dark place. A van arrives to an empty lot, and her boyfriend is tossed outside. Money leaves her hands and flows into the gloves of the person who brought her boyfriend to her and then she gets ready to enact vengeance.

Showing her that he's unarmed, he slowly inches closer to her as she tells him not to move. Her hands shake and eyes begin to gloss over as he finally gets close enough to embrace her. This is when she breaks and we see tears fall from her face as she's relieved to not have done what she wanted to do in a moment of anger.

But all of a sudden, her boyfriend's innocent smile turns into a devilish grin as he grabs the weapon from her and fires it in her direction.

It's a shocking ending that seemingly plays on the song's meaning. Reyez's vocals about having constant vigilance in matters of love have taken on a surprising new meaning that really sticks with you. She also referred to it as a "prequel" on social media, which means it's only half the story for right now.

"Same Side" appears on Reyez's debut studio album, Before Love Came to Kill Us, that dropped in March. The LP also features previously released songs like "Love in the Dark," "Imported," with 6lack, and more.

Watch Reyez's dark new "Same Side" video up above.