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James Blake Is Locked Down In Love On 'You're Too Precious'

It's his first loosie since dropping 'Assume Form' in 2019

James Blake has released his first new song since Assume Form and it's impossibly tiny and romantically large at the same time. "You're Too Precious" is as adorable as its name sounds, and a loving, hair-stroking ode to a partner that Blake just can't get enough of. During social isolation right now, I bet that there are a lot of people who can identify with this feeling.

Sitting across the room from your partner, you can't help but notice what you love about the shape of their face, the color of their eyes, and the fullness of their lips. Inspired by this infatuation, Blake's whispering bliss here is like a kiss on the forehead for the person that warms his heart. "You're too precious, You're too precious, precious," he practically moans on the chorus. Gripping their face in his hands, he can't help but adore everything about them.

As much as Blake loves his partner, he realizes that he may not be worthy of their love. "I don't think they deserve you/ I don't think anyone could," he sings before frantically explaining what he would do for them. "I'd take the calls you don't want to/ I'd take the hair in your food." That's so sweet.

He spends the rest of the song blazed off of the scent of his lover's fragrance. He wants to be their bubble and is willing to "dive into diamonds." I can imagine someone proposing to this line, in particular, after each play on YouTube.

Blake revealed to Apple News that the song was actually inspired by the thought of being together during our current quarantine. "I wrote this song at 5 a.m. and it brought me a lot of peace," he said. "Thought it might be a nice accompaniment to a lockdown dinner."

Blake's Assume Form dropped last year. It featured songs like "I'll Come Too," "Can't Believe The Way We Flow," "Barefoot In The Park," and more.

Listen to Blake's loving look at obsessing over a partner in "You're Too Precious" up above.