Animal Crossing Fans Are Placing K.K. Slider Into Iconic Album Art

Did you know K.K. appeared on the cover of 'Purple Rain'?

What's your favorite album? Chances are, it's by Animal Crossing's K.K. Slider.

At least, that's what social media would have you believe as of late as the latest Animal Crossing meme has been sweeping feeds. The traveling Jack Russell terrier musician Totakeke Slider, who we lovingly call K.K. Slider, has been appearing on a wide variety of album covers, from Prince to Red Velvet and everything in between.

This mellow mutt has appeared in every single iteration of Animal Crossing since the series began, and only occasionally appears in-game for special concerts at certain times. You can request that he play one of his nearly 100 songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons after convincing him to come to the island to play a concert for the first time. Following that, he'll show up every Saturday evening for a concert just for you. After the show is over, you'll receive a copy of the first song he plays to add to your collection.

People have a lot of love for K.K. Slider and his adorable "singing" (in true Animal Crossing style, of course), and have such been paying tribute to the performer by creating custom album art with some of the most popular covers around. Given that many of Slider's song titles begins with "K.K." such as "K.K. Bossa" or "Bubblegum K.K.", these 'shops follow the same format. The range of artists featured here as fans shout out their favorite music and honor K.K. Slider is quite impressive. Take a look at just a small sampling of what's been hitting the feeds.

The list goes on, but there's a pretty eclectic set of albums here. Who knew K.K. Slider was actually responsible for "bad guy" and not Billie Eilish?

Chalk this meme up as one of our favorites to hit from Animal Crossing, that's for sure. It truly is bringing us all together.