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Hayley Williams Puts Two Thumbs Down For Arguments On 'Why We Ever'

It's the ninth song from 'Petals for Armor'

Another spring day, another wind from Hayley Williams's forthcoming debut studio album Petals For Armor blows this way. This time, it's the dimly-lit, synthgasm that is "Why We Ever," a song about the idea of reconnecting broken pieces of love. Like an extended voicemail, it feels like she's apologizing for something that has happened in the recent past. Join her for this passionate outing fueled by the wish to make things right.

"Why We Ever" starts with a command. "Open your mouth/ Say something warm," she says to a cold soul in front of her. We're obviously entering after something big has happened. Not missing a step, Williams melts over these synths as she tries to make things right. "Can't seem to remember why we ever/ Felt we had to say goodbye," she sings, acknowledging that whatever bullshit situation messed their love up is well in the past. Her warmth radiates like her lover's personal sun, warming not only the song itself, but your heart as well as you listen to it. You agree with her that they should just get over this hump. It's time to feel again.

The song turns a corner around its halfway point with a piano-driven bridge where Williams explains what got her to this point. "I spent the weekend at home again/ Drawing circles on the floor/ Tried to keep myself from hurting/ Don't know why anymore," she whispers gently. As the song washes onward, her lips begin to puff out an apology that forms the song's outro. "I just wanna talk about it/ I know I freaked you out/ I just wanna talk about it/ Sorry for freaking out." Presumably, things get better after this.

Yesterday, before its release, Williams detailed the song's creation in a lengthy Instagram post. "In Dec 2018, i bought ProTools, an interface, and some speakers and decided to learn something new," she wrote. "These moments are from my first go at it (we’re talking out of time/phase/tune... etc!)."

"I was at the lowest point I’d been in some time," she continued. "My sadness shows. Now I look back and credit this night as being the beginning of a new season of my life, where I hold myself accountable for learning to love better."

"Why We Ever" is the ninth new song from Petals for Armor that's set to drop on May 8. She recently shared "My Friend" and, before that, tunes like "Simmer," "Cinnamon," "Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris," and "Over Yet." I feel like we'll get even more from the project before its release, too.

Take a listen to Williams's "Why We Ever" up above.