Families Of The Mafia Move: Should Karen And Her Daughter Leave New York?

Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano,' for one, thinks they should hightail it to Arizona

While Sammy "The Bull" Gravano and his clan moved to Arizona to get away from a certain stigma (after the infamous mafioso testified against Gambino crime boss John Gotti), Karen Gravano and her daughter Karina recently returned to their New York roots. But will the Families of the Mafia mother-daughter duo actually stay in the Big Apple?

On tonight's episode, Karina and her on-again off-again and now off-again boyfriend Paulie got into a troubling fight while on a group trip to the Poconos. Cameras stopped rolling, and everyone was escorted back to Staten Island (Karina and Paulie were in separate vans).

"The minute I got there, Paulie started his sh*t," Karina told her mom post-ordeal. "I don't want to talk about him, honestly."

But Karen was ready to speak about her daughter's former beau.

"Paulie is annoying the sh*t out of me at this point," Karen bluntly stated. "As your mother, I let a lot of sh*t rock. But when it comes to the point of verbal abuse or the insecurities, it's done. It's not coming here no more. Now he can't walk through this door no more. You want to violate my daughter, you ain't my friend."

She continued: "If you can't cut him off, maybe we should go back to Arizona."

But Karina was quick to jump on this point, stating, "No one's going to push me back to Arizona."

"He ain't pushing you back -- I'm telling you what it is," Karen firmly said. "This sh*t is unhealthy; it's toxic. Enough is enough. So we are going back to Arizona before it escalates. Your grandfather is home from prison now. Imagine me telling Grandpa, 'Yeah, Karina's getting beat on by this little punk.' Whatever he did for the Gambino family, imagine what the f*ck he would do for his family. Imagine that."

Next week, on the season finale, Karen and Karina head to Phoenix -- and see Sammy.

"Arizona, as long as I'm alive, the nest is here," the infamous mafioso tells his blood. "It's here."

So will Karen and Karina stay in Arizona with Sammy -- or better yet, should they? Tell us your opinion, then catch the Families of the Mafia season finale next Thursday at 9/8c.