Will Dennie Ever Find Her Father On Families Of The Mafia?

Find out what the lovable Augustine wants to say if she ever meets her dad

Karina, CP, Joe and Taylor grew up without their Familes of the Mafia fathers for periods of time. But sadly, Dennie -- the lovable Augustine clan member -- does not even know her dad because he abandoned her and her mother Lisa before Dennie even had the chance to know him. But will that soon change, and will Dennie get the closure she so desperately desires?

During tonight's episode, Dennie contemplated "contacting the sperm donor" and told her mother about the idea.

"As long as you think you're strong enough to do something like that," Lisa told her daughter. "The last time we discussed it, you were not in that space."

She continued: "If you need that to heal, if you need to do that, it's gotta be for you."

But tracking down Dennie's dad won't be easy: Lisa has no contact with him, and his whereabouts are unknown. But Dennie does have a way to find him, via her great aunt (who is her father's biological aunt).

"I think that someone needs to give it to him," Dennie told her mom. "And I would rather it be me. I would like to rip him apart, but then I would say, honestly, thank you."

Even so, Dennie could not hold back tears and expressed her annoyance and "hurt."

"I don't get it. How can you look at your two kids and not want to be their father?" she questioned.

Now that Dennie has decided to take this path, can she successfully locate her father? And will a meeting occur? Or will she come up empty-handed? Keep watching Dennie's journey next Thursday on Families of the Mafia at 9/8c.