Challenge Smackdown: Can Jay Recover From Rogan's Brutal Ambush?

The rookie's third round in Purgatory isn't going smoothly

Sarah. Wes. Svetlana. Across many seasons of The Challenge, certain rookies have proven it is, indeed, possible to spend more time inside an elimination round arena than out of it. And Jay — one of the game's newest players — is the latest on a long list. And while lightning has struck twice for the newbie, will his third time in Purgatory also prove to be a charm?

On the latest installment of Total Madness, and after a fiery mission called "Bomb Squad," the Survivor fan favorite — who wowed his fellow competitors at the most recent men's elimination game after sending seasoned veteran CT home — found himself once again vulnerable to Purgatory nomination by means of house. Though Jay was so far the only man in the house eligible for a spot in the finale, most of his fellow competitors didn't want to run the risk of upsetting additional players by casting alternative votes, and though a small contingency of his housemates nearly swung the vote Bear's way, it was ultimately Jay who wound up, again, in hell...or at least very close to it.

"Everyone in this game is playing so scared, and it's so boring," Jay said as he once against assumed his role as sacrificial lamb. "None of you actually step up to the plate to do anything, and then you say 'earn respect.'...This is The Challenge of cowards."

Even worse for Jay, Rogan — who'd never competed in an elimination round — was eager to set the stage for Jay's elimination. Rogan pleaded with the Tribunal — Josh, Jenny, Swaggy and Kaycee — to send him in to battle, and when the cast finally arrived at Purgatory, they did precisely that. Rogan said he had nothing but contempt for Jay, who kissed his ex-girlfriend Dee and seemed certain he'd be the guy to finally take Jay out.

"All I see is red and a Red Skull," Rogan said. "I'm absolutely pumped tonight."

In "Fireball," a twist on the classic Challenge game "Balls In," players would alternate between offense and defense, trying to become the first to put a ball into a designated basket three times. Unlike previous iterations of the game, though, this ball would literally be on fire, and the guys would have to wear gloves and protective suits to make sure they avoided burns.

But sadly, fire quickly proved to be the least of Jay's concerns. The first competitor on offense, Jay took a stutter step before entering the arena after TJ blew the horn, and in a single moment of focus, Rogan — a former rugby player — pounced like a bearded Hulk and sent Jay crashing into the sand pit.

And then...Jay didn't get up.

"This is arguably one of the hardest hits I've ever seen in my life," Johnny said, as he cringed and turned away from the wreckage. "Rogan absolutely drops the hammer on this guy."

But what do you think: Will this season's Wonderboy be able to recovery from his seeming injury and send Rogan home, the same way he did CT? Or is it time for Jay to finally sing his swan song, and does his game stop here? Share your thoughts, then be sure to see how this game concludes on the next Challenge episode!